Who we are

Our passion for Antarctica and the Arctic inspired us to start ICE TRACKS EXPEDITIONS. We are dedicated to make Polar Adventure Travel a life-changing experience for our clients. We set out to give you a trip of a lifetime, working with the best operator in the industry, a team of enthusiastic professional staff and a sea faring crew who practically have ice in their veins!

Signature Expeditions

  • FoSPRI Spitsbergen 2016
    Norwegian Fjords and Spitsbergen
    Spitsbergen simply never fails to surprise! Having returned from a spectacular Antarctic voyage with the Friends of SPRI we now head North to this remarkable island with its
    plethora of polar bears, cetaceans, arctic foxes, walrus and reindeer. As the richness of the tundra meets lofty cliffs, bird life reigns supreme. Spitsbergen a jewel of the Arctic.
  • Shackleton Centenary 2016
    Shackleton Centenary 2015Ice Tracks lands its first South Georgia traverse ! A party of 15 adventurers, led by polar adventurer Seb Coulthard, will be crossing the South Georgia ice cap in Shackleton, Crean and Worsley’s footsteps. It’s an adventure to be shared and celebrated by all as we enjoy the Falklands, glorious South Georgia followed by the magic of the Antarctic peninsula.

Early Birds Booking Incentives

For those of you Early Birds wishing to book your polar adventure in advance, Ice Tracks is offering the following special discounts.

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What people say about Ice Tracks

  • Guy Tritton From start to finish, Ice Tracks and Angie Butler made sure that my father and I were looked after as if we were family. The trip was amazing with kayaking in the midnight sun amongst seals and walruses the die-for memory.

    Guy Tritton – UK

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  • P1010150 I would find it hard to find fault with any aspect of my recent trip to Falklands, S Georgia and Antarctica. The whole trip was simply outstanding and far exceeded all my expectations.

    Reena Shah – England

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  • Two phrases I often used in my company were: "a business is only as good as the people who work in it" and "we should strive to exceed our customers expectations". Your staff were a credit to you. My partner and I had the trip of a lifetime, so as far as we were concerned you can definitely put a tick in both boxes!

    John Rickerby – UK

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  • IM_2014_066_0493It was, indeed, a wonderful and unforgettable experience Down South - thrilling on so many levels: the company, the scenery, the wildlife, the history, the non-stop food ... When friends and family ask what it was like, I feel incapable of even beginning a description, as I could not do the experience justice. As they say: you had to be there... So, now back to everyday reality (no Boris, no Zodiacs, no ice - not in Southern England, anyway - no darling penguins and none of you lovely lot!). Nick and I so enjoyed being part of The Experience with you all and we are looking forward to a reunion in 2015, by which time we may have had a go at sorting out our 1,000+ photos!! Nick and Beverly travelled with us to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica on the Shackleton Centenary Voyage in November 2014.

    Nick and Beverly Lambert – UK

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  • Ann_Wills_640I had the most amazing time with Ice Tacks in July 2013 in the frozen wastes of Svalbard. Brilliantly organised trip full of beauty, education and fun – thank you Ice Tracks.

    Ann Willis – UK

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  • Hengelen (640x427)Thank you to each one of you for your friendship and for sharing this beautiful part of our planet with us. Guts and Caro do you realise what you have achieved ? It has always been a lifelong dream to visit Antarctica and you have been the catalyst that made it all possible. Your enthusiasm and friendship knows no bounds!.

    Hengelene – Pretoria South Africa

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  • TIM AND JAN BURRWe are struggling for words to describe what an amazing adventure we have had and all thanks to you at Ice Tracks. The Iguazu Falls, Puerto Bemberg and Del Socorro were brilliant for the wildlife and scenery, but we topped that with South Georgia and setting foot on The Peninsula was the icing on the cake. Well done Ice Tracks, we cannot thank you enough and are looking forward to our next adventure with you. Thank you for your patience with our 'little concerns’. Thank you for organising this trip for us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share such a magnificent journey with you. Thank you for being yourself, you have opened our eyes. Tim and Jan travelled ith Ice Tracks for the third time to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica on the Shackleton Centenary Voyage in November 2014.

    Tim and Jan Burr – UK

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  • IM_2014_057_0043Last november I had the most wonderful experience of going on a very special trip, with Ice Tracks Expeditions, to the Antarctic. It was to celebrate Sir Ernest Shackleton's voyage a hundred years ago.

    Sculptor Janey Hamilton – UK

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  • Ann TriscotI can't think of anything I would have changed on our trip. It was so well organised and everything was first class. I thought the atmosphere on the ship was very friendly and cheerful particularly the Ice Tracks bunch of course.

    Ann Triscott – UK

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  • How do I begin to thank you both for giving me the trip of a lifetime? So amazing in so many ways. All credit to you both for making the Ice Tracks party such fun.

    David Clark – UK

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