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Who we are

Our passion for Antarctica and the Arctic inspired us to start ICE TRACKS EXPEDITIONS. We are dedicated to make Polar Adventure Travel a life-changing experience for our clients. We set out to give you a trip of a lifetime, working with the best operator in the industry, a team of enthusiastic professional staff and a sea faring crew who practically have ice in their veins!

Featured Expeditions

  • Spitsbergen Explorer
    Norwegian Fjords and SpitsbergenIf polar bears and beluga whales top your list of must-see Arctic wildlife, choose an expedition to Spitsbergen. This remarkable island - largest in the northern archipelago called Svalbard - hosts an astonishing array of Arctic wildlife, protected within six national parks. The island itself has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Shackleton Centenary 2015
    Shackleton Centenary 2015Organising the Friends of SPRI Shackleton Voyage in 2014, has been the most exciting experience for us to date. We are delighted to organise the Shackleton Centenary Voyage 2015 which will begin the 21st November 2015 with the commemoration of the sinking of the Endurance 100 years earlier.

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Early Birds Booking Incentives

For those of you Early Birds wishing to book your polar adventure in advance, Ice Tracks is offering the following special discounts.

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Ice Tracks Destinations

  • Antarctica antarctic-cruising

    Nothing prepares you for heart-stopping pristine beauty of Antarctica. Sight, sound and yes smell of the penguin colonies! Icescapes, ice cliffs, ice bergs of cobalt blue that dwarf everything in their midst. Soaring albatross and swooping petrels, fluking whales, bobbing seals and one ton belching elephant seals! Sunsets and sunrises separated by crimson-streaked skies. It can only be described as  a paradise in ice.

  • Arctic Polar Bear - SpitsbergenWatching a polar bear lumbering across the ice, ever weary of its next meal, possibly a ringed sea, is a sighting that remains with you forever. The Arctic offers a plethora of wildlife, towering cliffs of nesting birds, bellowing walruses with one meter tusks, the strange and superbly insulated muskox, exquisite flowers of the frozen tundra and of course a fascinating insight into Inuit life.
  • Argentina & Chile Patagonia-1From the unfenced expanse of the Pampas in Argentina and the highest, driest desert on Earth in Chile; from the rolling vineyards at the footsteps of the Andes to the turquoise waters and snow-capped volcanoes of the Lake District and the stark silhouette of the Andes and windswept remoteness of Southern Patagonia, Argentina and Chile never cease to amaze those who venture to discover and experience its territory.

What people say about Ice Tracks

  • We cannot begin to thank you both enough for making our trip to Antarctica and Argentina so, so special. It exceeded even our expectations and it is an adventure we will remember for the rest of our lives.

    Tessa and LouTennant – Lymington, UK

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  • Ron Wild (640x424)A big ‘thank you!’ to my fellow Ice Trackers who each made a once-in-a-lifetime voyage so memorable. You all contributed to a first adventure holiday experience that will be impossible to match. Thanks for sharing it with me.

    Ron Wild – Ontario, Canada

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  • SAMSUNG CSCCaro rest assured that your enthusiasm and passion had everything to do with our amazing experience. You made us feel so welcome right from the beginning, initially with the cool emails and then meeting you in person in Ushuaia. Nothing was ever too much trouble and your response was always a cheerful smile and a can do attitude. Caro – what more can I say – you ROCK!

    Wendel – Pretoria South Africa

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  • dugdaleYes, it was a special never to be repeated expedition voyage in Shackleton's footsteps. Yes, we were privileged because many of the descendants of those adventurers were with us aboard ship and shared their knowledge and memories. Yes, the scenery is beyond belief beautiful even in the fog and snow. None of this would have happened without the efforts of so many people - Ice Tracks (Angie, Caro and Cris) of course, the Akademik Vavilov team, and Captain Beluga and his crew to all of whom many thanks for all their efforts. More than anything though it was the people we voyaged with in their wonderful and international variety that made it such a special journey. So a million thank-yous to everyone we were privileged to travel with and here's to 2015 and a reunion!

    Carolyn and Paul Dugdale – UK

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  • Saltmarsh KayakingWe want to say how absolutely wonderful the whole trip was and to thank you heartily for all the effort you put in on our behalf. The Antarctica trip was utterly wonderful from start to finish, and the subsequent visit to Iguazu and Buenos Aires were also carefully planned and full of interest and stimulation. I have given your name to loads of friends in certain knowledge that if they get in touch, then they will be in the best possible hands. Just wanted to say wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

    Jane & Peter Saltmarsh – England

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  • Maureen and Rory feat (640x203)We have had the most wonderful holiday, spent with especially wonderful people. One does not often go away with an unknown group of people and be able to get on so easily and without problems. Thank you for making our holiday a very special one. Especially a big thank you to Caro. A very special person and someone who did everything to make our holiday a memorable one.

    Maureen and Rory Kirk – Johannesburg South Africa

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  • Rick Dobbie - Ice tracks Expeditions - Spitsbergen 2013Just returned from my second trip with Ice Tracks this time to the Arctic and the Svalbard archipelago and once again it was a wonderful journey. Again, I was most impressed with the personal involvement of both Angie and Caro and their friendly, professional approach and the way in which they strive and ensure that all their charges are looked after in detail. Ice Tracks continues to provide unique encounters with the most beautiful and extraordinary places. I have much pleasure in highly recommending Ice Tracks to anyone seeking a special journey, very well planned and organised in a friendly and convivial atmosphere that will remain incomparable lifetime experiences.

    Rick Dobbie – Sydney, Australia

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  • IM_2014_064_0467A wonderful and most memorable experience, made all the more special by having the descendants with us. Congratulations on tracking them down and getting them involved, and indeed for all the hard work and effort that you put in both before and during the trip, which was much appreciated and admirably rewarded. I would certainly recommend Ice Tracks to friends, and will check on what you are offering in the future.

    Angela Palmer – UK

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  • GordonsWe decided to take this expedition to celebrate our 70th birthdays and had one of our best travel experiences ever. We have traveled and backpacked together worldwide for 45 years, and going to Antarctica was like visiting a new world, for which we had little prior cultural or emotional preparation. The sheer beauty of the unspoiled landscape and the unique wildlife make Antarctica stand out from the many places we visited before. A vital element that made our trip so special is the care and dedication of the Ice Tracks people. We heard that they treat each of their customers as if they were their only clients. We thought that this was just sales hype, but it turned out to be really true. They put together an excellent itinerary based on our desire to visit the national parks in Argentina and Chile. Every hotel booked was perfect for us. In all, we encourage anyone with love for nature to visit Antarctica and to go there with Ice Tracks. They will not be disappointed!

    Robert and Evelyn Gordon – USA

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  • IM_2014_066_0559I had always wanted to go to Antarctica & when added with the unique Shackleton Centenary Memorial expedition, it was the most AMAZING trip. Being on ship was like being in a big house party, meeting fellow passengers, so interesting, friendly & with great camaraderie sharing in an unforgettable life experience. I feel I have made many friends & I felt totally confident travelling on my own as Ice -Tracks look after you as family, so much so I'm now going North with them in July to the Arctic!

    Rosie Needham – UK

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