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Who we are

Our passion for Antarctica and the Arctic inspired us to start ICE TRACKS EXPEDITIONS. We are dedicated to make Polar Adventure Travel a life-changing experience for our clients. We set out to give you a trip of a lifetime, working with the best operator in the industry, a team of enthusiastic professional staff and a sea faring crew who practically have ice in their veins!

Featured Expeditions

  • Spitsbergen Explorer
    Norwegian Fjords and SpitsbergenIf polar bears and beluga whales top your list of must-see Arctic wildlife, choose an expedition to Spitsbergen. This remarkable island - largest in the northern archipelago called Svalbard - hosts an astonishing array of Arctic wildlife, protected within six national parks. The island itself has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Shackleton Centenary 2015
    Shackleton Centenary 2015Organising the Friends of SPRI Shackleton Voyage in 2014, has been the most exciting experience for us to date. We are delighted to organise the Shackleton Centenary Voyage 2015 which will begin the 21st November 2015 with the commemoration of the sinking of the Endurance 100 years earlier.

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Early Birds Booking Incentives

For those of you Early Birds wishing to book your polar adventure in advance, Ice Tracks is offering the following special discounts.

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Ice Tracks Destinations

  • Antarctica Antarctic Expedition CruisingNothing prepares you for heart-stopping pristine beauty of Antarctica. Sight, sound and yes smell of the penguin colonies! Icescapes, ice cliffs, ice bergs of cobalt blue that dwarf everything in their midst. Soaring albatross and swooping petrels, fluking whales, bobbing seals and one ton belching elephant seals! Sunsets and sunrises separated by crimson-streaked skies. It can only be described as  a paradise in ice.
  • Arctic Polar Bear - SpitsbergenWatching a polar bear lumbering across the ice, ever weary of its next meal, possibly a ringed sea, is a sighting that remains with you forever. The Arctic offers a plethora of wildlife, towering cliffs of nesting birds, bellowing walruses with one meter tusks, the strange and superbly insulated muskox, exquisite flowers of the frozen tundra and of course a fascinating insight into Inuit life.
  • Argentina & Chile Patagonia-1From the unfenced expanse of the Pampas in Argentina and the highest, driest desert on Earth in Chile; from the rolling vineyards at the footsteps of the Andes to the turquoise waters and snow-capped volcanoes of the Lake District and the stark silhouette of the Andes and windswept remoteness of Southern Patagonia, Argentina and Chile never cease to amaze those who venture to discover and experience its territory.

What people say about Ice Tracks

  • Caro, Lou De Marco and Tessa TennantWe thank you both for putting so much work into our trip to South America - we had the most incredible time and are already recommending it to our friends. Tessa Tennant & Lou de Marco from the UK travelled with Ice Tracks Expeditions to Patagonia, Atacama and the Amazons February and March 2014.

    Lou and Tessa – Limington UK

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  • Tim and Jan Burr (640x364)We have reached the conclusion that there would not be a single thing to change or improve on if we did the same trip tomorrow. Because all members of the team appeared to genuinely enjoy their work' we were provided with an absolutely brilliant experience.

    Tim and Jan Burr – UK

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  • We cannot begin to thank you both enough for making our trip to Antarctica and Argentina so, so special. It exceeded even our expectations and it is an adventure we will remember for the rest of our lives.

    Tessa and LouTennant – Lymington, UK

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  • TestimonialMy trip in June to Svalbard was one of the high spots of my life. I loved the zodiac trips out right up to huge glaciers - one of which we saw calving - and onto the land where we trekked and got a real sense of the presence of polar bears - their tracks and where they’s scrambled out of the water onto the snow. I was travelling on my own - but everyone was very sociable and I was never on my own for long. Ice Tracks and onboard staff were always kind, helpful and hugely knowledgeable. A brilliant trip!

    Honnie Feltham – England

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  • Antarctic Peninsula Adventure, Antarctica, Ice Tracks ExpeditionsWe are now back indeed, and slowly coming to grips with the 'real' world. As you may imagine, there is little one can really say about Antarctica of which you are not fully aware.

    Raymond & Ute – South Africa

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  • Denise and Brian (640x513)Well, in retelling the (fairy)tale the last few days, the highlights are starting to cement in…. together with some new friendships! · The hair-raising off-roading trip to the lake · That amazing Argentinian braai in the woods & the beautiful snowy wonderland around us.

    Denise and Brian Sutherland – Pretoria South Africa

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  • WhartonsWell . how can we find the words to thank you and express our praise for all you did for us? It's taking time to get back to normal home life after such a wonderful trip.

    David and Rosemary Wharton – UK

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  • IM_2014_064_0972That was a truly spectacular three weeks. The amount of effort and time you both put into making sure we were all looked after, and the forethought that went into every single detail, was staggering.

    Spencer Crawley – UK

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  • IMG_6780Susanne and I are very happy to have spent 3 weeks with Ice Tracks excellent management during the Shackleton Centenary Voyage. Antarctica is still alive in our spirit even though our bodies are at home.

    Manfred and Susanne Gehmeyr – Germany

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  • IM_2014_064_0467 A wonderful and most memorable experience, made all the more special by having the descendants with us. Congratulations on tracking them down and getting them involved, and indeed for all the hard work and effort that you put in both before and during the trip, which was much appreciated and admirably rewarded.

    Angela Palmer – UK

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