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    Arctic cruises 

Who we are

Our passion for Antarctica and the Arctic inspired us to start ICE TRACKS EXPEDITIONS. We are dedicated to make Polar Adventure Travel a life-changing experience for our clients. We set out to give you a trip of a lifetime, working with the best operator in the industry, a team of enthusiastic professional staff and a sea faring crew who practically have ice in their veins!

Featured Expedition

  • Norway and Spitsbergen
    Norwegian Fjords and SpitsbergenNorway is an Arctic nation and summer is a great time for exploring its coast. Join us on a journey of historical discovery and action-filled adventures under the Midnight Sun. The voyage will continue further north to Spitsbergen on board the almighty Akademik Vavilov. We will sail amongst one of the most beautiful Arctic landscapes in search of polar bears, walrus and belugas.
  • Shackleton 2015
    Shackleton 2015Organising the Friends of SPRI Shackleton 2014, has been the most exciting experience for us to date. We are delighted to organise the Shackleton Centenary Voyage 2015 which will begin the 21st November 2015 with the commemoration of the sinking of the Endurance 100 years earlier.

Early Birds Booking Incentives

For those of you Early Birds wishing to book your polar adventure in advance, Ice Tracks is offering the following special discounts.

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Expedition Cruising

  • Antarctica (c)FotoHannekeDallmeijer-Veda-091111-232-KINGPENGUINS-Nothing prepares you for heart-stopping pristine beauty of Antarctica. Sight, sound and yes smell of the penguin colonies! Icescapes, ice cliffs, ice bergs of cobalt blue that dwarf everything in their midst. Soaring albatross and swooping petrels, fluking whales, bobbing seals and one ton belching elephant seals! Sunsets and sunrises separated by crimson-streaked skies. It can only be described asĀ  a paradise in ice.
  • Arctic IMG_0159Watching a polar bear lumbering across the ice, ever weary of its next meal, possibly a ringed sea, is a sighting that remains with you forever. The Arctic offers a plethora of wildlife, towering cliffs of nesting birds, bellowing walruses with one meter tusks, the strange and superbly insulated muskox, exquisite flowers of the frozen tundra and of course a fascinating insight into Inuit life.

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What our clients say

  • We cannot begin to thank you both enough for making our trip to Antarctica and Argentina so, so special. It exceeded even our expectations and it is an adventure we will remember for the rest of our lives.

    Tessa and LouTennant – Lymington, UK

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  • I have been lucky enough to the Antarctic twice now. My first visit was the best trip I had ever undertaken anywhere, until,that is, my second visit last year.

    Mike Wain – Canterbury, UK

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  • It was an unforgettable experience throughout for us and we had such a rewarding time in so many ways. .

    Brig. John Powell – UK

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  • Antarctic Peninsula Adventure, Antarctica, Ice Tracks ExpeditionsWe are now back indeed, and slowly coming to grips with the 'real' world. As you may imagine, there is little one can really say about Antarctica of which you are not fully aware.

    Raymond & Ute – South Africa

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  • HoonieMy trip in June to Svalbard was one of the high spots of my life. I am a wild life devotee and green supporter so for years I have had a huge conflict about pursuing the former without transgressing the latter too much.

    Honnie Feltham – England

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