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NY Times

In May 1916, the British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton crossed the South Georgia ice field seeking help for the stranded sailors of his ship, the Endurance, which had been crushed by ice in Antarctica. Marking the centennial of the event, Ice Tracks Expeditions is offering a south polar cruise this fall with the opportunity for 12 passengers to make a four-day overland crossing of the ice field for the ultimate Antarctic shore excursion.

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Simply Morzine

Mike Marshall, Founder and Chairman of Simply Morzine, company that offers summer and winter alpine holidays in Morzine since 1995, tells us about his experience travelling to Antarctica with Ice Tracks back in 2014, on the Shackleton Centenary Voyage.

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Chicago Tribune

May marks the 100-year anniversary of the heroic crossing of South Georgia Island by Ernest Shackleton and two crew members after his ship, Endurance, sank in the Antarctic waters. To commemorate the centenary, Ice Tracks Expeditions is offering a 22-day expedition cruise that includes the option for 12 hardy souls to replicate the South Georgia crossing led by polar adventurer Seb Coulthard.

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Kunzum Magazine – India

Angie Butler, Director of Ice Tracks Expeditions, shares the account of her last trip with a group of Ice Trackers on a life changing experience to the Arctic. If this does not inspire you to venture into the wilderness of these remote areas, little else will.

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Sue Cook on Cruise International

Writer and Broadcaster Sue Cook follows Shackleton’s journey on board the MT Vavilov on Ice Tracks’ Shackleton Centenary Voyage for the adventure cruise of a lifetime.

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LA Times Travel Magazine

The LA Times Magazine has listed Ice Tracks Shackleton Centenary Voyage as one of the top 10 centennial related adventures for 2016.

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BBC Radio 4 – Excess Baggage

BBC iPlayer

Sandi talks to Antarctic explorer specialist, Angie Butler “Angie loves Antarctica so much she set about recovering the ashes of a forgotten Edwardian Polar explorer and to set the record straight about Shackleton’s right-hand man”

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The Yorkshire Post

Frank Wild was Sir Ernest Shackleton’s right-hand man, but his name has faded from view. Writer Angie Butler spent seven years working to put that right.

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The Independent

The Independent newspaper

Matilda Battersby reviews “The Quest for Frank Wild” by Angie Butler. The book charts Butler’s personal quest to unravel the story of the last sixteen years of Wild’s life. He had spent them in South Africa in penury and obscurity, so much so that years after his death in 1939 the location of his burial was unknown.

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Falkland Islands News Network

After Angie Butler’s discovery of Wild’s ashes in a forgotten chapel in South Africa. Ice Tracks Expedition is taking the Edwardian Explorer Frank Wild to be buried next to Shackleton in the Grytviken cemetery, South Georgia on a commemorative expedition.

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ANARE Club, Australia

The ANARE reviews Angie Butler new release. “The Quest for Frank Wild” tells the gripping story of Angie Butler’s determination to unravel the truth of the final years of Frank Wild, one of the greatest British Edwardian Polar explorers of all time.

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Lady Adventurer UK

This portrayal of a forgotten hero would have remained unchallenged if it hadn’t been for Angie Butler who has spent the last seven years on an odyssey to discover the truth whilst writing The Quest for Frank Wild. Butler and Ice Tracks Expeditions are taking the ashes to his final resting place on a commemorative expedition to Antarctica.

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Wanderlust UK

The World According to Angie Butler, author of The Quest for Frank Wild gives us an icy perspective on the world of travel. Co-owner and PR of Ice Tracks Expedition she is planning a commemorative voyage to take Wild ashes to his final resting place in South Georgia.

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The Quest for Frank Wild

Book Launch 1st August 2011

The Quest for Frank Wild by Angie Butler tells the gripping story of Angie Butler’s determination to unravel the truth of the final years of Frank Wild, one of the greatest British Edwardian Polar explorers of all time.

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Antarctic Circle Org UK – Antarctic Book Notes

The Quest for Frank Wild by Angie Butler marks the first time the original memoirs have been published (as written by Wild covering four expeditions) and unveils the later life story of the hero’s final years in South Africa. Angie, journalist and co-founder of Polar adventure travel company, Ice Tracks Expeditions, announces her breakthrough discovery of Wild’s ashes in Johannesburg and the explorer’s last wish to be buried in South Georgia beside Shackleton.

Exactly ninety years since their last voyage together, Wild and Shackleton will finally be reunited thanks to a commemorative expedition.

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