Our business motto: “making friends to the ends of the world”. You will leave as a client but we are confident you will return as a friend.

Don’t take our word for it, read what our Ice Trackers say!

Kevin Whalley – USA

I had some trepidation working with a company I Googled, headquarterd in another country, with agents in a different country still. I needn’t have worried. Caro and Cristina delivered an awesome custom itinerary and were there every step of the way for me when flights got delayed. To top it off My visit to Antartica was more than I could have ever imagined!

Kevin travelled with us to Antartica on the Off the Beaten Track departure in November 2017.

Jean Wood – UK

I was having the most wonderful holiday when I took a tumble on a shore excursion and broke my elbow.  So began another adventure! The Ice Tracks team were brilliant and never once did I feel abandoned. I had a call from Angie when I arrived home and am still receiving emails from Caro and Cris asking about my progress. Not the usual sort of testimonial this one, but important because if you’re a solo traveller wondering whether to take this kind of trip, you really couldn’t be in better hands. I most certainly will be back – it’s like being with family. People who care! I can’t thank them enough.

Jean travelled with us to the North West Passage and Greenland in August 2017

Tim and Jan Burr – UK

Travelling with Ice-Tracks has once again lived up to our expectations and more. This was our first major adventure in Africa and due to the well planned itinerary we were lucky enough to be treated to some very close encounters with wildlife and the Namib Desert provided us with amazing sights of the sand dunes and ever changing landscapes.

Many thanks to Angie, Caro & Cris and we look forward to our next adventure with you.

Tim and Jan travelled with us to Namibia and the Chobe in August 2017.

Rosie Needham – UK

Reflecting on our return, I want to thank Ice Tracks so very much for giving our trip the extra dimensions, so that we made the most of especially our visit to Greenland. The air flight over the UNESCO Heritage Icefjord was tremendous & such a great opportunity for us, the weather was perfect & we grabbed the moment! The extension in Kangerlussuaq was stunning! All that kayaking & hiking had a really positive effect, besides being so awesome! A huge Thank You for an Awesome trip.

Rosie travelled with us to the Northwest Passage and Greenland in August 2017.

Steven Briers – South Africa

My voyage was great. All of the logistics worked out perfectly, right down to the correct size of allocated wellington boots!
I enjoyed Spitsbergen. The wildlife was like nothing I have ever seen before (polar bear, puffins, reindeer, birdlife). I still get a thrill every time we cruise around in Zodiacs and the glaciers were quite spectacular. Looking back at my photo’s reminds me of how astonishing the scenery is in Spitsbergen. The crew were great, and it was nice to meet up again with some familiar faces on board.
Steven travelled with us to Spitsbergen in June 2017.

Leonard Herbst – New York

Muchas Gracias for a well planned excursion to the wine region of South America! Your choice of Finca’s in Mendoza & the vineyard tours were excellent. Loved all your suggestions especially touring Valparaiso … that was very special.

Leonard travelled with us to Mendoza and the wine region and Chile in March 2017

Rory and Maureen Kirk – South Africa

We would like to thank you for an amazing month of South American travel. It was a very special holiday and we just loved every moment. In fact, we love South America. Well done to everyone who was involved in this special holiday of ours!

Rory and Maureen travelled with us to Ecuador, Galapagos and Peru in March 2017.

James Parker – UK

Ice Tracks gave us a fantastic holiday with all the advantages of an experienced expedition team. Everything was perfect on board; the food was amazing, the cabins very spacious and comfortable, and the staff lovely. The Icebergs were just amazing! Kayaking in the brash ice was a very special experience and one I shall always remember. We were given an insight into the life of the birds and mammals of Antarctica, the formation of the land and the ice itself, and of the history of exploration in the Antarctic. I especially enjoyed all the photographic opportunities and would recommend taking the best kit you can afford!

James, his wife and friends travelled with us to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica on the Shackleton Centenary Voyage in November 2017.

Peter Donohoe – Australia

A big thank you to the Ice Tracks team. Everything went seamlessly from our end made the whole trip an unforgettable experience. There was not a negative thought or moment on the whole journey. What’s next, I think this has invigorated me for more adventure holidays. Thank you for everything.

Peter and his friends travelled with us to Southern Patagonia in February 2017.

Bernard Comerford – Australia

Don’t wait….go to Patagonia and see it with the experts. Ice Tracks, you exceeded all expectations !!!!

Bernard travelled with his group of friends to Southern Patagonia in February 2017

Patrick Saundry – Australia

Simply, this trip was the ‘gift that just kept giving’. Our tailored 15 day tour of Patagonia was first class and your experience shone through with every location, guide, experience and resting place we enjoyed. Thanks again to the entire team at Ice-Tracks for a memorable experience.

Patrick and his friends travelled with us to Southern Patagonia in February 2017.

Mary Perkins – Canada

The Ice Tracks team kept me on track, and provided up-to-date information to the last minute! The quality of services provided were much more than I expected. As I have done a number of adventure holidays and I was impressed by the caliber of people who led us and of the equipment and safety concerns. I was also impressed by the care they took to protect the animals and the environment. Never lacked for things to do–there were always options no matter what the weather.

Mary travelled with us to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica in November 2016.

Greg Ellis – Australia

We set off on what we hoped would be one of life’s great adventures. We succeeded – and the team at Ice Tracks played an integral part on the happiness of our trip. Great itinerary that went off without fault or incident. Highly recommend the team.

Greg and his friends travelled with us to Southern Patagonia in February 2017.

Justin Noonan – Australia

If anyone is thinking about a trekking trip in Patagonia you must use Ice tracks! The team tailored an action packed itinerary for a group of seven demanding male clients, and delivered beyond our wildest expectations, we couldn’t have been more pleased with how seamless the whole trip went. Their local knowledge and network within Patagonia meant you get the best guides and have the most amazing experiences. The memory of our day on Viedma Glacier will go down as one of my greatest traveling experiences. Do yourself a favor and get on-board with “Ice-tracks

Justin and his group travelled with us to Southern Patagonia in February 2017.

Roger Clark – UK

Ice Tracks made my dream of travelling to an Emperor Penguin colony come true. At the time I didn’t think it was possible. They come over as a young adventurous business and I like that look and feel. Soon you realise the relationship is founded on mutual trust and feel and you are not just buying a ticket you are buying an experience. Caro worked hard to provide an end-to-end solution tailored to my requirements. Cris was wonderful at making the bookings and constantly keeping in touch when situations changed. Angie made a difference with a special personal touch.
I salute and thank you all! Roger

Roger travelled with us on a very special and emotional voyage to Antarctica to Camp Amongst Emperors in November 2016.

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