Adventure Options

  • Camping in Antarctica Camping has become the most popular optional activity. The vessels will provide sleeping bags, mats and a number of tents, but if you have your own camping gear you may like to bring it with you. This activity is complimentary to all Ice Trackers.
  • Sea Kayaking Kayaking is an experience guaranteed to refresh your soul. Led by experienced guides and paddling in small groups will allow you easy and intimate access to remote areas along the coastline.
  • Hiking in the Polar Regions Images of snow, ice, mountains and glaciers dominate our ideas of what we will experience on a voyage to Antarctica. On every voyage, we will plan to offer hikes for the more active traveler.
  • Active Voyaging and Wellness After a strenuous hike ashore, or perhaps a hard paddle you may like to take advantage of the onboard spa and hot stone massage.
  • Photography in the Polar Regions We are often asked questions about the best photography techniques and equipment to take on our expeditions. Here are the most frequently asked questions with our answers.
  • Ski Touring The early Antarctic season offers a fabulous opportunity for those looking to ski up to the most breath-taking scenaries in the world. With our highly experienced certified guides you will be taken into the pristine wilderness of the White Continent which very few have access to.
  • Snow shoeing Snow-shoeing is the perfect ‘mean of transport’ over snow and ice. Our top notch guides will lead you across the snow pack where you will be able to experience the essence of polar explorers’ foray into the unknown. This activity is offered during the early season when snow and ice are accessible from our landing sites.
  • Whale watching In the Polar Regions the sun shines 24/7 allowing krill and other crustaceans to grow in abundance. Whales take full advantage of this feast before the “big freeze” forces them to head to the Tropics. Humpbacks float along our zodiacs, Orcas set the heart racing and the curious minke whales never fail to delight. And ‘don’t rule out seeing Blue whales or the less common beaked whales!