Camping has become the most popular optional activity. Sleeping bags, mats and a number of tents will be provided, but if you have your own camping gear you may like to bring it with you. Camping in Antarctica is a fantastic way to experience – albeit it in a more comfortable and civilised fashion – the feelings of the early Antarctic explorers.

A night ashore in Antarctica

Imagine finishing a delicious dinner on board our expedition vessel and then jumping into the Zodiacs for a run ashore with your sleeping bag and bivy sac. What’s this? Your opportunity to camp in Antarctica! Picture it…you are lying in your sleeping bag listening to crackling and grumbling of glaciers, the splintering of icebergs and the soothing sounds of water and brash ice washing onto the beach. You might even hear the blow of a whale, feeding in the bay near your campsite. Who said that sleep would come easy? But when it does, you drift away knowing that you are breathing pristine air and experiencing something very few have experienced before. After your night ashore, we will take you back to our expedition vessel so that you can enjoy a hot shower,perhaps a sauna and a delicious breakfast in our dining room.

Who can do it?

Directed at any passenger with an adventurous spirit and an ability to “rough-it” for a night, our Night Ashore in Antarctica has proven very popular. Sleeping under the midnight sun, ashore in Antarctica is something to write home about. Our experienced expedition team will select a camping site that is snow covered and isolated from any breeding wildlife.

What is provided?

We will provide all of the camping gear required for your night ashore. Although we do not expect night-time temperatures to drop below -3° Celsius (27° F), our sleeping bags are rated to -12° C (10° F). We do have some tents for use ashore however we do recommend the true experience of sleeping out under the midnight sun in a bivy bag. Warmer than a tent and much easier to set up, the bivy bag doesn’t block out the incredible scenery all around you.Our sleeping pads are more than a simple foam pad. Called the Ridgerest and made by Cascade Designs, they have high insulating value and combine comfort and warmth to enhance your experience.We even have a small outhouse tent, with a privy in it.

What you need to bring?

We recommend that each passenger comes ashore with a dry pair of socks and if possible, wear a set of dry-thermal underwear ashore so that you are not bringing any of the days moisture into the sleeping bag with you. A good hat really helps you to feel warm and cozy through the night.

For more information on which expeditions offer camping in Antarctica please Contact us.

(Camping is only offered in Antarctica and not in the Arctic due to the threat of polar bears)

Mobile under canvas camping is unlike any camping you have experienced before – it is camping with a real shot of luxury.  Dedicated staff and top-quality guides, take care of everything from setting up the camp a few hours before you arrive, to striking camp while you are out on safari, ready for your next overnight stop.

Large tents with comfortable beds, bedside tables, LED lights, with relaxing chairs, your own toilet and shower, as well as delicious food usually prepared over an open fire, all ensure that your African camping experience is deeply relaxing, intimate and truly unique.  All chores are taken care of by the professional safari staff and the safari chef provides meals of exceptional quality.

Safari vehicles are open Land Cruisers designed to take 9 people yet only 7 are accommodated for comfort. A second vehicle with guide will be added if needed.  The vehicles are built for bush terrain and contain inverters for charging cameras and video batteries.

Your day starts at day break to take advantage of the coolness of the day with a light breakfast.  Depending on what we see delicious brunch awaits mid-morning. The afternoon is enjoyed resting or sitting under acacia trees listening to the bush orchestra. His tea is provided before another game drive before settling back at the camp with drinks (Sitting around the campfire sundowner in hand after an exhilarating day of game watching is all that is asked of you!) Dinner is at around 2000 hrs and a nightcap is encouraged!

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