Hiking / Trekking

Hiking in the Antarctic

Whether hiking, walking or simply meandering the choice is yours. We are committed to provide opportunities for all level of fitness. Our mid- range hike and our longer hikes can range from two to three hours in length but at a pace where no-one will be left behind.  Our hiking guides are there to assist and if you are unsure about your ability to participate in any activity, please discuss your concerns with our them.

Should you want to just meander, taking in the glorious sights and sounds, that too is much encouraged and there is always staff close by should any questions arise regarding wildlife, terrain or nature.

Contemplation, a must on any holiday, is an important exercise that is so often over-looked.

Our destinations are specially picked for their opportunities to allow you to have some time reflect, to get away from the maddening crowd and quietly take in the serenity of your surroundings.

Hiking in the Arctic

It is here you will appreciate the glorious tundra and the extraordinary survival of inch high plants like the Arctic poppy. Steeped in history, the remains of early pioneers still in evidence, such as  tumble down buildings, graves and whale bone middens,. Our guides, who carry firearms, will ‘sweep’ the area for polar bears before anyone is allowed to make landfall. Safety is top priority. If any bears are spotted, zodiac cruising will be exchanged for tundra hiking and the bear sightings may be even more spectacular.

What you need to bring on your hikes

Breathable hiking socks are recommended. In addition a small knapsack to carry some water and an extra layer of clothing in case the weather changes. Sunglasses, insect repellent if in the Arctic, sunscreen, camera and binoculars. Keep in mind that we make landfall via inflatable zodiac. The rubber thermal boots we supply are suitable for hiking, however if you would like to change into your much loved hiking boots you may do this once onshore.  Walking poles are provided and we encourage you to use them.

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