Sea Kayaking

Kayaking in either the Arctic or Antarctica is a way to access unique landscapes like no other. Skimming slowly over the water under the watchful eye of the professional kayaking guides you will enter a strange semi-silent world of bays and ice-bergs. Crackling of ice and rivulets  of water break the eery silence and more often than not your encounters with wildlife will be just that little bit more personal.

Kayaking is offered whenever weather conditions permit and the guides will make the outmost effort to make as many paddles as possible during the duration of the voyage and it be entirely up to you whether you join the kayaking team or take a more relax approach on the zodiacs. You can make this decision on a daily basis.

Your personal comfort and safety is priority and it is expected that you have some paddling experience before embarking on this superb excursion. A Gore-Tex dry-suit will be provided, with rubber wrist gaskets integrated Gore-Tex socks to keep your feet dry. A sea kayaking-specific lifejacket (PFD) will be provided and neoprene ‘pogies’ (paddling mitts) as well as neoprene booties. Paddling accessories also include an adjustable touring paddle, spray skirt and a 20 liter dry bag, which can either be placed on the deck or in their cockpit, allowing waterproof storage for personal items (camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, a bottle of water) and easy access while paddling.

Sunglasses, sunscreen and appropriate layers to wear under your dry suit are your main requirements. Appropriate layering consists of a layer of thermal underwear (top and bottom) as well as a heavier (200 weight) fleece or wool insulating layer to wear over the thermals (top and bottom). A warm hat is a great idea although we do provide neoprene skull caps.

The fleet of kayaks consists of single and double polyethylene sea kayaks, all with foot paddles connected to a rudder to make steering simple. The kayaks have been chosen for their combination of seaworthiness and stability allowing the opportunity for sightseeing and photography, while covering a few miles on the excursion.

Note: Kayaking is a pre-booked activity and the cost varies. Numbers are limited. Please contact us to find out more.

Note: There is an extra charge for this optional activity and numbers are limited. Please contact us for more information.

For more information regarding our overnight sea kayak excursion on our ‘Antarctica off the Beaten Track‘ please inquire.

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