Local experts

Local experts / guides

We are truly proud of the guides and local experts that we work with, most are great friends and others have become like family. Their experience in the outdoors, whether is in the mountains or the bush, on ice and on water is unparalleled. We all share a deep love for the environments and the natural world and positively shine when it comes to sharing their expertise and vast knowledge with you.

Rigorous training is required whether driving zodiacs or leading hikes, bush trailing in Land Cruisers or taking guests on kayaks through icy seas in whale territory.

Passion for, and a deep knowledge of the places we visit is top priority for the local experts and guides we choose to work with, as is a commitment to giving our clients an unforgettable time, while also ensuring your safety and comfort. This is what you can expect from these dedicated and often eccentric, nature lovers and experts.