Wildlife Safari

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous,” said Aristotle and it is nature that we at Wild Tracks are passionate about. Nothing can prepare you for the impact of connecting with the landscapes of southern Africa and its myriad of wildlife. This is the cradle of mankind and its primal voice simply speaks to you.

We have been dedicated to finding the best appointed lodges, committed to conservation and providing quality service. As a contrast experience we have added tented camps where unique animals can be found, such as the desert rhino and elephant in Namibia.  All our safaris are taken in spacious 4×4 Land Cruisers with optimum opportunities for game watching.

Mobile camping, another of our passions, takes you to the very heart of the African bush.  The camps are set up by a group of skilled staff and are ready and waiting for you after a glorious day looking for birds and game.

All our safaris are accompanied by some of the finest guides that will open your eyes to a new and unforgettable world.

To sit around  the embers of a crackling fire, sundowner in hand, listening to the sounds of the  night perhaps the call of a distant hyena and the adventures of that day will make life worth living.