Our business motto: “making friends to the ends of the world”. You will leave as a client but we are confident you will return as a friend.

Don’t take our word for it, read what our Ice Trackers say!

Ann Triscott – UK

I can’t think of anything I would have changed on our trip. It was so well organised and everything was first class. I thought the atmosphere on the ship was very friendly and cheerful particularly the Ice Tracks bunch of course.

Ann traveled with us on Spitsbergen Explorer

Tim and Jan Burr – UK

We have reached the conclusion that there would not be a single thing to change or improve on if we did the same trip tomorrow.

Because all members of the team appeared to genuinely enjoy their “work”‘ we were provided with an absolutely brilliant experience. Overall, we think the enthusiasm of your support teams, both on board and ashore, made each day truly exciting and for that reason look forward to our next trip with you.

As a keen photographer, I did not expect to see such a variety of wild life and landscapes and truly believe that I have taken some of my most important photographs to date which has made this trip very special indeed.

Tim and Jan traveled with us on Spitsbergen Explorer

Duncan and Doreen Paul – South Africa

We had such a FANTASTIC TRIP and we had a great time kayaking and zodiac cruising and hiking, also the best group of people we met, may we all have many more adventures together,will treasure the memories.

Duncan and Doreen traveled with us on Spitsbergen Explorer.

Rick Dobbie – Sydney, Australia

Just returned from my second trip with Ice Tracks this time to the Arctic and the Svalbad archipelago and once again it was a wonderful journey. Again, I was most impressed with the personal involvement of both Angie and Caro and their friendly, professional approach and the way in which they strive and ensure that all their charges are looked after in detail. Ice Tracks association with One Ocean is also noteworthy. The staff and crew aboard the Akademik Sergei Vavilov were very professional in all their undertakings and their ethical commitment to the environment and polar wildlife is inspiring. The itinerary was flexible and optimised opportunities for the best possible experiences. Ice Tracks continues to provide unique encounters with the most beautiful and extraordinary places. I have much pleasure in highly recommending Ice Tracks to anyone seeking a special journey, very well planned and organised in a friendly and convivial atmosphere that will remain incomparable lifetime experiences.

Rick traveled with us to Spitsbergen.

Ron Wild – Ontario, Canada

A big ‘thank you!’ to my fellow Ice Trackers who each made a once-in-a-lifetime voyage so memorable. You all contributed to a first adventure holiday experience that will be impossible to match. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Ron traveled with us to Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica.

Henri & Brenda Lombard – Johannesburg, South Africa

Win a trip to Antarctica

Everybody who has responded after the trip has expressed AMAZING AMAZEMENT about the expedition holiday of a lifetime. Add our names to that list and our sincere thanks to Angie and Caro for their professional, enthusiastic and caring approach to the trip and its planning. You two are great!!!

Henri and Brenda traveled with us to Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica.

Shirley Kaplan – Cape Town, South Africa

Yes we were an EXCEPTIONAL group and yes we were in PARADISE but Ice Tracks Expeditions made it all happen. The organization, the personal care interest love and passion that you surrounded us with was really something. I would recommend Ice Trackers a million times over.

Shirley traveled with us to the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica.

Rick Dobbie – Sydney, Australia

Angie…the drive and determination that your personal quest to deliver Frank to his proper resting place shows. Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of sharing part of that story and of leading me to Antarctica itself. Thank you Angie for such a profound and inspirational journey.

Caro…I fulfilled a boyhood dream and so much more. The experience was made even more special by you. You bring energy and enthusiasm, a passion that is infectious. I will never forget the ceremony to commemorate Shackleton and Wild in Grytviken cemetery. Whilst we strictly observe the principle “leave nothing, take nothing” it is impossible not to leave part of you there, and Antarctica too permits you to take much away even if it is simply to know yourself a little more. Thank you.

Rick traveled with us to Falkland, south Georgia and Antarctica.

John Rickerby – UK

“Your staff were a credit to you. My partner and I had the trip of a lifetime” – Two phrases I often used in my company were: “a business is only as good as the people who work in it” and “we should strive to exceed our customers expectations”. Your staff were a credit to you. My partner and I had the trip of a lifetime, so as far as we were concerned you can definitely put a tick in both boxes!

John traveled with us to the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica in 2009

Mike Wain – Canterbury, UK

I have been lucky enough to the Antarctic twice now. My first visit was the best trip I had ever undertaken anywhere, until,that is, my second visit last year. This was made as a client of Ice Tracks, a small, efficient and very caring organisation. We were a very select band, and everything possible was done to make the trip significantly better than my previous best. The voyage involved the spectacular Antarctic scenery combined with a great sense of history, when we reburied Frank Wild with his old comrade Ernest Shackleton in South Georgia. What an amazing experience! I can’t fault Ice Tracks in any way, in the manner that they have given me the greatest experience of my life. I commend them to you, and you should pick up the phone and book the greatest adventure you could ever have.

Mike traveld with us to Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica.

John and Barbara Witton – UK

We send you our greetings and thanks for the wonderful trip and the chance to be a small part of history. All the arrangements worked perfectly – full marks Ice Tracks!

John and Barbara traveled with us to Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica.

David Clark – UK

How do I begin to thank you both for giving me the trip of a lifetime? So amazing in so many ways. All credit to you both for making the Ice Tracks party such fun. I felt rather sorry for those passengers who were not part of our happy band.

David traveled with us to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica

Brig. John Powell – UK

It was an unforgettable experience throughout for us and we had such a rewarding time in so many ways. …if it hadn’t been for your enthusiasm, we might have continued procrastinating about heading South! Thank you.

John traveled with us to Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica

Tessa and LouTennant – Lymington, UK

We cannot begin to thank you both enough for making our trip to Antarctica and Argentina so, so special. It exceeded even our expectations and it is an adventure we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Tessa and Lou traveled with us to Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica.

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