Spending your Anniversary in Antarctica with Ice Tracks

By Angie Butler

There is no place on earth more spectacular to celebrate or mark a milestone than Antarctica.  Lorraine Kelly  is not the first and certainly will not be the last person  to do exactly that. In Lorraine’s case she was celebrating 25 years of marriage  by sailing via South Georgia to pay homage to her hero Sir Ernest Shackleton before sailing on to Antarctica.

Ice Tracks can boast of instigating many of these special milestones and more often than not the protagonist is giving themselves the gift. The perfect gift.

Big zero birthdays are the most popular followed by anniversaries and oddly the Antarctic plunge usually seals the deal. Lorraine Kelly can be seen running into the icy waters from a beach, did she do the full plunge? Well she was wearing her faux fur hat… the post plunge pic would give the appearance of a drowned rat. But hats off to Lorraine Kelly!

Thirty seconds is about as much as anyone can stand of the icy water.

Ice Tracks proudest event was arranging the Antarctic marriage which took place in Paradise Bay  for Shona and Adrian Berry.  There could be no other setting  on the planet to rival it. The smattering of English was enough for our Russian captain to  conduct  the romantic service.  In short it is not only the icy sea that causes goose bumps!

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