Falklands & South Georgia

The Falklands and South Georgia islands are two of Britain’s most remote and unique territories. These collections of islands lie deep in the South Atlantic, just as it becomes the Southern Ocean and are often called the ‘gateway to the Antarctic’. All are steeped in the history of Antarctic explorers, whaling ports and are blessed with an abundance of wildlife and some of the earth’s most spectacular scenery.

During a trip to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, you can only marvel at the ocean dotted with ghostly, floating tabular icebergs, the remnants of fractured ice shelves. Soaring snow covered mountains corrugated with glaciers sweep down onto pebbled beaches littered with gargantuan elephant seals and belligerent heel snapping fur seals.

Ice Tracks offers a number of tours with departure dates throughout the season, travelling on board ice-class expedition ships, (operated by our trusted partner ship operators), with daily excursions onto these islands’ diverse shores. Each voyage gives you the chance to experience first-hand the extraordinary scenery and wildlife found in the Falklands and South Georgia.

South Georgia remains the jewel of the Southern Ocean. It is here that Sir Ernest Shackleton, Frank Wild and more recently Henry Worsley is buried – the perfect resting place for men who thought of this whaling station as ‘romantic’.

And yet, it not only the history that is so awe-inspiring about South Georgia and the surrounding Shetland Islands, the wildlife simply takes your breath away. The first encounter of the ear-splitting cacophony of a King penguin colony, stretching kilometers into the distance remains with you forever. It is a melee of preening, squabbling, and screeching. A feather-strewn mass of hatching, feeding and moulting birds all at various stages of development.

Head further south and Chinstrap, Adelie and Gentoo penguins corral stones into nests and the albatross continually soar above the ship as if to safe guard its passage. It is easy  to be dazzled by this unforgiving island, South Georgia.

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Bring a daypack with an extra layer of clothes and pair of socks! If your daily excursion starts with a 'wet landing' from the zodiac, then you will spend a cold and miserable time on land without a warm, dry change of socks especially!
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