The South Pole – 90°S

The South Pole or simply the ‘Pole’ (as residents, or ‘polies’, of the American research station, the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, based there call it), is a place of real extremes. It is intensely cold, surprisingly dry, and with a blinding sun that hovers just above the horizon for six months before going into hiding for six months of darkness. Despite this, the South Pole has a near-mythical atmosphere to it. It is a significant journey-marker for many adventurers who attempt the gruelling Antarctic crossing, and is still a place that very few people get to experience themselves.

Making a trip to the ceremonial South Pole’s red and white striped pole with its reflective chromium, and surrounded by the flags of the 12 original Antarctic Treaty signatories is truly memorable and moving. And camping there? Well that is an experience like no other, and definitely one for the bucket list. Our clients who have visited the ‘End of the Earth’ return elated – it seems that after all these years, the South Pole has not lost its magnetism.

Ice Tracks have teamed up with specially chosen ship operators so we are able to offer you a range of voyage and expedition options, from camping at the most southern point of the world, flights over the South Pole to camping amongst the iconic inhabitants of the Gould Bay Emperor Penguin Colony – the ideal place for ice and wildlife photography.

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Try to speak to as many of the expedition staff as you can - they are experts in their fields from all over the world and their knowledge and experience will add such depth and flavour to your own South Pole experience.
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