Antarctica – the frozen continent

Nothing prepares you for the heart-stopping pristine beauty of Antarctica. Sight, sound and yes, the smell of the penguin colonies. Ice-scapes, ice-cliffs, ice-bergs of cobalt blue that dwarf everything in their midst. Soaring albatross and swooping petrels, fluking whales, bobbing seals and one-ton belching elephant seals. Sunsets and sunrises separated by crimson-streaked skies. Antarctica can only be described as a paradise in ice.

Here, life takes on another dimension: it is a desert of ice where mammals only survive on the very edge of the continent, their food stores plundered from the ocean, the skies peppered with sea birds. Should you venture into the interior, your survival depends on everything brought in by humans.

We know that an expedition to Antarctica is often a once-in-lifetime experience, and for that reason we offer a number of voyages, on different vessels, varying in length of time, levels of activity, experts on board and destinations. We want to find the perfect itinerary, just for you. So, please do get in contact and we can talk you through all your options.

Antarctica has also brought us a history of extraordinary achievements and heart-breaking failures, making this frozen continent all the more wondrous. The stories of polar exploration are rich, and the bravery of people like Sir Ernest Shackleton, Frank Wild, Capt. Robert Scott and their modern-day counterparts: Henry Worsely, Børge Ousland and the British Ice Maidens, are unparalleled, and still draw us to Antarctica.

What our customers say about us

  •         Wow, wow and wow! What an amazing experience we had with Ice Tracks.
    Steve and Monique
  • Thank you to each one of you for your friendship and for sharing this beautiful part of our planet with us.
    Hengelene – Pretoria South Africa
  • I just want to say the most enormous THANK YOU for putting together a trip that none of us will ever forget, and I know I speak for Spencer too, and everyone else I came across.
    Harriet Crawley – UK
  • We have had the most wonderful holiday, spent with especially wonderful people.
    Maureen and Rory Kirk – Johannesburg South Africa
  • Ice Tracks made my dream of travelling to an Emperor Penguin colony come true.
    Roger Clark – UK
  • Thank you so much for helping me enjoy a trip of a lifetime.
    Garry Evenden – UK

Caro's expert insight

Day and night take on a whole new perspective here, with an often endless twilight casting an eerily beautiful glow over everything. Be prepared to be sleep deprived and flexible as wildlife doesn't follow any schedule, so you may be called on deck at any hour for a rare sighting!
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