The Arctic’s icy tundra is its own unique ecosystem, spread out the earth’s most northern tip. Radiating out from the ‘North Pole’, it includes the Canadian Arctic, Alaska, northern Scandinavia, Russia, Norwegian Arctic, as well as Greenland & Baffin Island – each offering a plethora of wildlife, towering cliffs of nesting birds, bellowing walruses, the strange and superbly insulated muskox, exquisite flowers of the frozen tundra and, of course, a fascinating insight into Inuit life and polar history.

The Arctic is changing, rapidly. The Northwest Passage is being described as the new Silk Road, and yet there are still pristine areas to venture to where you can explore the flora, fauna and the people that live there, without seeing another ship or tour group. A disappearing world? Not just yet…

Join Ice Tracks on one of our many expeditions to the Canadian or Norwegian Arctic, or Greenland & Baffin Island and and discover an ice world with more colours, flavours and textures than you ever imagined.

What our customers say about us

  • Will and I would like to thank you both for the huge organisational input you provided to create the unique expedition from which we have just returned.
    Alan and William Wordie – UK
  • Angie…the drive and determination that your personal quest to deliver Frank to his proper resting place shows.
    Rick Dobbie – Sydney, Australia
  • We are struggling for words to describe what an amazing adventure we have had and all thanks to you at Ice Tracks.
    Tim and Jan Burr
  • Ice Tracks gave us a fantastic holiday with all the advantages of an experienced expedition team.
    Lynn Pascoe – UK
  • A very big thank you to the entire Ice Tracks team for organizing such an unbelievable trip.
    Venkitachalam Chandran – India
  • Ice Tracks made my dream of travelling to an Emperor Penguin colony come true.
    Roger Clark – UK
  • Just a small thank you for a most amazing year shared with youselves.
    Tim and Jan Burr – UK

Carolina's expert insight

You will be spending a lot of time out on deck, especially if you are a keen wildlife spotter. So, pack an extra warm, puffy jacket and bring a thermal mug with you.
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