Canadian Arctic

Sitting deep in the Arctic circle’s flow and pack ice are over 35 000 scenic islands – Baffin Island being the biggest – well known for their scenic wilderness of fjords, icy peaks, glaciers, arctic wildlife, and a history rich with Inuit culture. This is the Far North: the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. These seemingly inhospitable islands are littered with diverse wildlife, birdlife, plants and flowers. Famous for spotting whales, seals, walruses, Arctic wolves, foxes, and sometimes polar bear, caribou and the musk ox (although sightings of these majestic mammals in this area are infrequent) and the abundance of seabirds that nest in glacial nooks and crannies, and high-up on icy cliffs. This is a nature photographer’s dream destination.

The area’s fascinating cultural history can be experienced through encounters with the indigenous hunter-gatherer communities that have lived here for well over 4000 years. The Inuit or First Nations fish, trap and hunt these wild landscapes using a mix of modern and traditional tools and techniques, and revel in a culture rich in dance, drumming, poetry, singing and crafts made from soapstone, bone and animal hide.

Follow in the footsteps of famous Arctic explorers, Amundsen and Franklin through the NorthWest Passage, experience native cultures on Greenland and Baffin Island, or embrace the immense, diverse landscapes and wildlife of the Far North: the Canadian Arctic will captivate you.

Carolina's Expert Advice

Be prepared to explore the Arctic forest and tundra on your knees! The abundant mirco-flora and makes for fantastic photography, but bring some knee pads.
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