Norwegian Arctic

When looking at a map you will notice that there are three continents and eight countries within the Arctic Circle (if you count Iceland’s northernmost island). Although the Arctic is a vast Ice World, it offers many different opportunities to its visitors.

The Norwegian Arctic compromises of northern Norway, famous for the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, whale watching  and endless fjords with hiking trails for all tastes and levels. But it doesn’t stop there, keep your compass due North  and you will find a group of islands called the  Svalbard archipelago. These ruggedly beautiful, remote islands sit halfway between the North Pole and Norway, deep in the Arctic Ocean.

While the climate can never be called mild, compared to the rest of the Arctic, Spitsbergen (Svalbard’s largest island) is influenced by the northernmost surface branch of the gulf stream, bringing relatively mild water to Spitsbergen’s west and north coasts, giving these areas a milder climate, enabling you to sail within 10 degrees of the North Pole.
Spitsbergen offers a nature’s paradise for photographers, bird-watchers and wildlife lovers. It’s the Realm of the Polar Bear and the most accessible Arctic destination with endless daylight that give you ample time to explore the glaciers, tundra, mountains and exciting wildlife, found only in the Arctic.

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The most difficult part when travelling to the far north to see the Northern lights is waking up in the night and throwing your clothes back on to head outside. Go to bed half dressed…that will make it easier!
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