Argentina & Chile

Unspoiled, off the beaten track, open landscapes and amazing wildlife are not only found in the Polar Regions. We strive to find them, explore them and share them with you because it is only through a journey of discovery that we make far away latitudes our own, and it is only once you have experienced them first hand that these natural places can be loved and protected for future generations.

It was only natural for Ice Tracks to keep making tracks to the ends of the world. Argentina and Chile, the gateway of Antarctica, have a lot of wilderness and unspoiled landscapes to offer the visitor that is willing to get off the beaten track. That was the reason we have stablished our own headquarters in the heart of Patagonia. From the unfenced expanse of the Pampas in Argentina and the highest, driest desert on Earth in Chile; from the rolling vineyards at the footsteps of the Andes to the turquoise waters and snow-capped volcanoes of the Lake District and the stark silhouette of the Andes and windswept remoteness of Southern Patagonia, Argentina and Chile never cease to amaze those who venture to discover and experience its territory.

Making tracks to the ends of the world means this and much more to us. Join Ice Tracks on a journey of discovery, an adventure of a life-time or an expedition to the ends of the world and you will return home with much more than holidays memories…