How Antarctica Looks Like at the end of the Season

February & March is a wonderful time to visit Antarctica! As with every season, the end of the season brings with it special features that make it a fantastic time to go. 

As the sea ice recedes, southern areas of the Antarctic Peninsula become more accessible. Long zodiac cruises are more comfortable, and epic sunrises and sunsets provide special light – a photographer’s dream!

February is also one of the warmest months in Antarctica with every chance of spotting whales. Our Ultimate Whale Adventure is the perfect opportunity Travel along with world-renowned scientists conducting ground-breaking research on the feeding habits of Humpback whales.

During this month there is also a great opportunity to cross the Antarctic Circle.

Magnificent mountain scenery, glaciers galore, a rugged coastline punctuated with icebergs, a rich historical tapestry, and an astounding array of wildlife can also be seen on our Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica voyage.