Sea Kayaking

Kayaking is an experience guaranteed to refresh your soul. Imagine the swish of water as it passes your hull, or the clack of brash ice against your paddle blade. Sea kayaking in Antarctica and the Arctic allows you to experience another side of this magnificent destinations. Led by experienced guides and paddling in small groups you will get an easy and intimate access to remote areas along the coastline.

Who can do it?
Our sea kayaking program is directed at any passenger with an adventurous spirit and a basic paddling ability. Our guides are experienced instructors and will help you with any additional skills that you might require. In addition, they will tailor sea kayak excursions to your skill level and recommend when you should and shouldn’t be paddling. The sea kayaking option should be added at the time of booking and, due to its great popularity, is generally not available for booking onboard the vessel.

What is provided?
We provide industry leading equipment, including full Gore-Tex drysuits, kayak specific PFD’s, neoprene booties, a waterproof deck bag, pogies and many other vital paddling accessories.

What you need to bring?
Sunglasses, sunscreen and appropriate layers to wear under your drysuit are your main requirements. Appropriate layering consists of a layer of thermal underwear (top and bottom) as well as a heavier (200 weight) fleece or wool insulating layer to wear over the thermals (top and bottom). A warm hat is a great idea although we do provide neoprene skull caps.

Note: There is an extra charge for this optional activity and numbers are limited. Please contact us for more information.

For more information regarding our overnight sea kayak excursion on our ‘Antarctica off the Beaten Track‘ please inquire.