Whale watching

In the high latitudes of the Polar Regions the sun shines 24/7 allowing the swarms of krill and other small crustaceans to grow in great abundance. Whales take full advantage of this spectacular pantry before the “big freeze” forces them to head to the Tropics where they fast for long periods of time! 

Between the relentless feeding bouts, Humpbacks will float as if asleep allowing us the perfect sightings as we cruise in zodiacs amongst these giant cetaceans. Orcas set the heart racing and the inquisitiveness of minke whales never fails to delight.  And as our expert guides will  endorse – ‘don’t rule out seeing Blue whales or less common cetaceans like beaked whales.

Whether cruising in zodiacs or aboard our extremely quite and manoeuvrable vessels, a whale encounter is the perfect opportunity to get out and about, interrupting meals, presentations and sleep!