Why choose us?

We are a highly experienced team with an intimate knowledge of the Polar regions, yet we believe in a boutique and tailor made service, for that reason we remain small and dedicated. People really matter to us and we show this at every opportunity. Our goal is to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

  • Our expeditions are an unforgettable and life changing experience
  • 15 years working in the Polar regions
  • Over 150 voyages of first hand Polar experience.
  • Personal service from the first minute you contact us
  • Ice class small expedition Cruising Vessels (less than 100 passengers)
  • The most stable Drake Crossing in the industry
  • World class dining and hospitality
  • A Zodiac fleet to maximize your experience off the ship
  • The best and most knowledgeable and experienced guides
  • Open Bridge 24/7

We are unique

We operate with the highest staff to passenger ratio of any other voyaging company in the industry and therefore able to offer passengers a truly diverse experience. Whether it’s zodiac cruising, kayaking, hiking, photography, wildlife watching, meandering or simply sitting and taking in the beauty of your surroundings…your wish is our command!

We add value

There is no additional charge in arranging your voyage booking. Moreover, we will make the utmost effort to add additional value and service making it one of the most memorable holidays of your life.

We offer a personalised service

We are not only office bound. We hand pick certain voyages in the season to join the superb onboard staff and experts and personally accompany our clients, sharing with them our knowledge and passion for the Polar Regions.

We’ll keep you Safe

Safety is a paramount in our practices and activities, that is why we work with a ship operator that has a 100% safety record. We have chosen the safest, most maneuverable and stable ships to explore the Polar regions. Out ships offer numerous facilities including multi-media rooms, super bar areas and spacious viewing decks.

We care about the heritage and environment of the Polar regions

We participate in programs and fund-rising events with the Scott Polar Research Institute supporting their Friends to achieve the most incredible heritage conservation program of the Polar regions. Read more about our Giving Back Program

Our overall practices concerning environmental responsibility and sustainability are of very high standards in the Expedition Cruise Industry and we personally make sure that all our partners and providers are IAATO and AECO members.

We are flexible

Our itineraries and excursions are designed to achieve maximum experience travelling deep into nature. While itineraries are well planned, we will seize opportunities for spontaneous adventure. This could mean embarking the zodiacs to get a closer look at sunbathing seals on ice floes or taking a mid-dinner break to watch curious whales slide through the water just metres from the ship. We aim to cater for each passenger’s specific needs and interests throughout the trip. It’s this that sets us apart from other Polar adventure companies!