Argentina & Chile: Patagonia

Argentina and Chile’s Patagonia is wild, barren and immensely beautiful: from the unfenced expanse of the Pampas in Argentina; the world’s highest, driest desert in Chile; rolling vineyards at the foot of the Andes, turquoise waters and snow-capped volcanoes of the Lake District; to the jaggered Andean peaks and windswept remoteness of Southern Patagonia, Argentina and Chile’s enormous scale and diversity never cease to amaze those who venture to discover and experience its territory.

Wild Tracks – Ice Tracks’ sun-loving sister brand – offers tailor-made itineraries, designed with your specific destinations, adventure options and bucket-list desires in mind. So wether you want a special ‘add on’ to your Antarctic expedition, or a bespoke, one of a kind Patagonian itinerary, we are here to specially craft one for you.

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Unspoiled, off-the-beaten-track, open landscapes and amazing wildlife are not only found in the Polar Regions. Patagonia is also known as ‘the gateway to Antarctica’, and with most of Ice Track’s expeditions leaving from the Southern Argentine port of Punta Arenas, Making tracks to the ends of the world means this and much more to us. Join Ice and Wild Tracks on a journey of discovery, an adventure of a life-time or an expedition to the ends of the world and you will return home with much more than holidays memories.

What our customers say about us

  • Don’t wait….
    Bernard Comerford – Australia
  • We thank you both for putting so much work into our trip to South America – we had the most incredible time and are already recommending it to our friends.
    Lou and Tessa – Limington UK
  • A big thank you to the Ice Tracks team.
    Peter Donohoe
  • Our fishing expedition at Jurassic Lake, Patagonia lived up to our expectation of extreme fishing in terms of the challenging weather , geography and fishing conditions.
    Ambassador Zul Baharudin
  • We are now back indeed, and slowly coming to grips with the ‘real’ world.
    Raymond & Ute – South Africa
  • We want to say how absolutely wonderful the whole trip was and to thank you heartily for all the effort you put in on our behalf.
    Jane & Peter Saltmarsh – England
  • Simply, this trip was the ‘gift that just kept giving’.
    Patrick Saundry – Australia
  • Simply, this trip was the ‘gift that just kept giving’.
    Patrick Saundry

Carolina's Expert Advice

Flying directly home after weeks spent in the Antarctic's endless icy landscapes can be a bit of a culture shock - I recommend some acclimatisation time with an extension or add on to one of Patagonia's incredible destinations: lakes, mountains, waterfalls, wine....
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