Namibia’s Khoisan people once called it the ‘land God made in anger’ – conjuring up an image of despair and desolation, but this vast, glorious land is far from desolate. It is a diverse, intense mixture of desert, mountains, savannah and long, white stretches of beach and shoreline. With 40 percent of the country under conservation management, Namibia offers so much variety and protected habitats for Africa’s iconic wildlife: vast open plains and dense bush, vertiginous rocky outcrops, and a thunderous Atlantic coast, littered with wrecks and seal bones.

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Wild Tracks’ small, guided Namibian tours are designed to expose you to each diverse aspect of this spectacular country: from Soussusvlei in the Namib desert – a salt and clay pan dotted with petrified trees and surrounded by startling sky-scraping sand dunes; and Windhoek, Namibia’s quirky yet sophisticated capital city caught in its colonial time warp; to the coastal town of Swakopmund with its superb cuisine, as well as visiting the villages of the country’s indigenous peoples: the clay-clad Himba people, the Khoisan and the pastoral Herero people.

However it is the country’s extraordinary wildlife that tops our agenda, and each trip includes a number of 4×4 safaris into Etosha National Park – a sublime experience, where seeing five different species of animal at one waterhole is common.

Carolina's expert insight

Yes, Namibia is a sun-baked desert in Africa, but it can get pretty chilly at night, so pack an extra layer and puffy jacket - but no bright colours! And no, the wildlife really does not respond to clicking gestures and calls!
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