South America

Whether setting out for a big adventure or in search of cultural treasures, South America is truly a  magical place with breathtaking landscapes, high-altitude mountain peaks, precipitous mountain roads, vast deserts, massive salt flats, ice-blue glaciers, lush rain-forests and an ocean with volcanic land formations. 

It is a continent that will never disappoint, a continent  of natural wonders and cultural diversities. Above all, you will find that everyone will welcome you with open arms. 

Let Wild Tracks take you on an South American adventure you will never forget.

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What our customers say about us

  • Simply, this trip was the ‘gift that just kept giving’.
    Patrick Saundry
  • We are now back indeed, and slowly coming to grips with the ‘real’ world.
    Raymond & Ute – South Africa
  • Don’t wait….
    Bernard Comerford – Australia
  • Simply, this trip was the ‘gift that just kept giving’.
    Patrick Saundry – Australia
  • We set off on what we hoped would be one of life’s great adventures.
    Greg Ellis – Australia
  • We want to say how absolutely wonderful the whole trip was and to thank you heartily for all the effort you put in on our behalf.
    Jane & Peter Saltmarsh – England
  • Our fishing expedition at Jurassic Lake, Patagonia lived up to our expectation of extreme fishing in terms of the challenging weather , geography and fishing conditions.
    Ambassador Zul Baharudin
  • A big thank you to the Ice Tracks team.
    Peter Donohoe – Australia

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