Henry Worsley’s Final Voyage South

It was Angie Butler of Ice Tracks Expeditions who suggested to Joanna Worsley that South Georgia might be the perfect place for her husband’s ashes.

Henry Worsley’s Final Voyage will take Worsley’s remains to his final resting place, where his hero Sir Ernest Shackleton is buried as well as Shackleton’s right hand man Frank Wild. Joanna Worsley and her children as well as family members, friends and admirers will participate on this special expedition to Antarctica.

Henry, aged 55, was determined to become the first person to cross the Antarctic unaided during his Shackleton Solo Expedition, following a route laid down by Shackleton but tragically he died of bacterial peritonitis in January 2016. Henry often repeated Shackleton’s saying “Better a live donkey than a dead lion” and as Joanna so rightly says “he didn’t stick by that.”

Henry was a man who found the remoteness of Antarctica truly beautiful and Joanna, and their two children Max and Alicia believe the isolation of South Georgia the gateway to Antarctica is the perfect resting place for the beloved husband and father whose skis are pinned to their kitchen wall and covered in encouraging graffiti by his family.
Henry was the historian on the Shackleton Centenary voyage organized by Ice Tracks in 2014. It was the last time he was in Grytviken, South Georgia, spending time in the Whaler’s church and then joining the passengers at his hero’s graveside.

As the anniversary of his death, on 24 January, a new science centre is to be opened at Henry’s old school. Joanna will of course open it. It overlooks the cricket pitch: perfect, she says, for a man who adored the school where he did “no work at all” and spent all his time captaining the first XI, shooting rabbits and fishing.

Joanna was recently interviewed by Tom Rowley from The Telegraph and the article “Explorer Henry Worsley’s widow plans Antarctic voyage to say a ‘final goodbye‘” is featuring on the British newspaper on the Sunday, 08th January 2017, edition.

Quoting Rowley: “Now it is her turn to plan a voyage. This November, she will sail from Argentina to the isolated British outpost of South Georgia, long known as the gateway to the Antarctic, so that she can place her husband’s ashes by the grave of his hero, Ernest Shackleton”

During the interview Joanna Worsley said: “I want to see him in this place that he so loved. I want to say my final goodbye to him there

That sums up the great man, he was a free spirit and followed the things he most loved to do in life.

Ice Tracks is honoured to be organising Henry Worsley’s Final Voyage South departing Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego 30 November 2017.

Please contact us for further information or send us an email to [email protected] to make an inquire. Limited space is available.