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Ice Tracks is a small, dedicated adventure travel company passionate about exploring the far reaches of the world with you.

Through our intimate, guided groups, or our personal, tailor-made itineraries, we are able to combine hands-on exploration and meaningful encounters with local cultures, eco-systems and wildlife, in pristine, unusual and spectacular destinations. By travelling with experienced explorers, historians, naturalists, photographers and other experts, your Ice Tracks trip not only has a positive impact on the wildlife, ecosystems and communities we visit, but it also becomes a life-changing nature experience.

While we specialise in the Arctic and Antarctic, we also explore less icy destinations through Wild Tracks – offering bespoke trips to Patagonia, Ecuador, Galapagos, Namibia and Botswana.

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What our customers say about us

  • A big thank you to the Ice Tracks team.
    Peter Donohoe – Australia
  • The Ice Tracks team kept me on track, and provided up-to-date information to the last minute! The quality of services provided were much more than I expected.
    Mary Perkins – Canada
  • If you are contemplating a voyage to Antarctica – don’t hesitate.
    Steven Briers – South Africa
  • When I feel my blood pressure rise or I start thinking that I’m getting stressed at work I just think of the beautiful, pristine, quiet wonderland that we had the privilege of visiting.
    Kiersten and Rob Kirk – Gauten South Africa
  • A very big thank you to the entire Ice Tracks team for organizing such an unbelievable trip.
    Venkitachalam Chandran – India

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