Signature Expeditions

  • Honouring Henry Worsley
    Henry WorsleyHenry Worsley returns to Grytviken on the glorious island of South Georgia. Ice Tracks is honoured to be taking the ashes of a great Polar man who tragically lost his life traversing Antarctica, to be laid to rest in Grytviken. We plan to celebrate Henry’s life on this special commemorative voyage that will include a church service in the Whaler’s church before we head South and share with you the Antarctica he so loved.
    • Northwest Passage 2017
      Norwegian Fjords and Spitsbergen
      This iconic voyage explores the remote Northwest Passage and stunning fjords of the Baffin Island coastline before crossing Baffin Bay to Greenland where we will marvel at the beauty of the icebergs calving off of the Greenland icecap. As we follow in the footsteps of the early Arctic explorers such as Franklin and Amundsen we will sail South increasing our opportunities to see the Northern Lights.

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    What people say about Ice Tracks

    • MaryI recommend my travelling friends to Ice Tracks all the time - totally confident that their trip will be as superb as the one I have enjoyed. Each time I have returned with Epic Memories and knowing that it was a privilege to be a part of such expeditions.

      Mary Wheildon – UK

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    • IMG_6780Susanne and I are very happy to have spent 3 weeks with Ice Tracks excellent management during the Shackleton Centenary Voyage. Antarctica is still alive in our spirit even though our bodies are at home. We will forever remember our journey, the beautiful landscapes and the kind staff of the Akademik Sergey Vavilov as well as the cultural expressions of Argentina and the company of our fellow travellers. Many thanks to Ice Tracks, to Caro and Angie, for the best journey of our life!

      Manfred and Susanne Gehmeyr – Germany

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    • Hengelen (640x427)Thank you to each one of you for your friendship and for sharing this beautiful part of our planet with us. Guts and Caro do you realise what you have achieved ? It has always been a lifelong dream to visit Antarctica and you have been the catalyst that made it all possible. Your enthusiasm and friendship knows no bounds!.

      Hengelene – Pretoria South Africa

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    • Bob JayIt is one thing to visit, observe and experience many of the most exotic and iconic places on our planet, it is quite another to do so accompanied by one or both of the co-founders of Ice Tracks. Caro and Angie have that rare quality of making every client feel a very special and valued member of the very close ice trackers family.

      Bob Jay – England

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    • Denise and Brian (640x513)Well, in retelling the (fairy) tale the last few days, the highlights are starting to cement in together with some new friendships! How do you describe it all to people that were not there? I’ve found it difficult, but very willing to try. We reiterate our thanks to Mandy, Guts & Caro – you put a huge amount of work into making it a dream holiday for us – and it was, & we are truly grateful.

      Denise and Brian Sutherland – Pretoria South Africa

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    • Antarctic Peninsula Adventure, Antarctica, Ice Tracks ExpeditionsAs you may imagine, there is little one can really say about Antarctica of which you are not fully aware. If it were in any way possible I for one would never go anywhere else on this planet.Thank you very much for your part in making that happen. We were cared for graciously by Ice Tracks and without their expert and very able assistance our trip might never have taken place. I warmly recommend Ice Tracks guidance to anyone wishing to go South. The whole experience we had was more akin to friendship than business, and we do hope that we may one day meet again on the high seas!

      Raymond & Ute – South Africa

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    • Barbara and John Witton (425x261)We send you our greetings and thanks for the wonderful trip and the chance to be a small part of history. All the arrangements worked perfectly - full marks Ice Tracks!John and Barbara traveled with us to Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica in 2011.

      John and Barbara Witton – UK

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    • P1010150I would find it hard to find fault with any aspect of my recent trip to Falklands, S Georgia and Antarctica. The whole trip was simply outstanding and far exceeded all my expectations.

      Reena Shah – England

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    • The whole experience was awesome... from breathtaking walks on varying terrains and exhilarating encounters with Nature's amazing palette and deft sculptures to jaw dropping recounts from other adventurers privileged to have witnessed what I couldn't. Easily the best.

      Stan Pulgies – Australia

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    • Two phrases I often used in my company were: "a business is only as good as the people who work in it" and "we should strive to exceed our customers expectations". Your staff were a credit to you. My partner and I had the trip of a lifetime, so as far as we were concerned you can definitely put a tick in both boxes!

      John Rickerby – UK

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