Signature Expeditions

  • Shackleton Centenary 2016
    Shackleton Centenary 2015Ice Tracks lands its first South Georgia traverse ! A party of 15 adventurers, led by polar adventurer Seb Coulthard, will be crossing the South Georgia ice cap in Shackleton, Crean and Worsley’s footsteps. It’s an adventure to be shared and celebrated by all as we enjoy the Falklands, glorious South Georgia followed by the magic of the Antarctic peninsula.
    • Northwest Passage 2017
      Norwegian Fjords and Spitsbergen
      This iconic voyage explores the remote Northwest Passage and stunning fjords of the Baffin Island coastline before crossing Baffin Bay to Greenland where we will marvel at the beauty of the icebergs calving off of the Greenland icecap. As we follow in the footsteps of the early Arctic explorers such as Franklin and Amundsen we will sail South increasing our opportunities to see the Northern Lights.

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    What people say about Ice Tracks

    • ManfredI have enjoy the journey very, very much. Especially the wildlife and flowers were wonderful.

      Manfred Gehmeyr – Germany

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    • barbara-raeBarbara Rae,  Royal Academician, is one of the country’s leading contemporary artists whose work has been shown both nationally  and internationally to outstanding success. She has been honoured with numerous medals and awards and  was elected President of the Society of Scottish Artists in 1983.

      Barbara Rae – England

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    • ice Tracks testimonialsWe had such a FANTASTIC TRIP and we had a great time kayaking and zodiac cruising and hiking, also the best group of people we met, may we all have many more adventures together,will treasure the memories.Duncan and Doreen traveled with us on Spitsbergen Explorer.

      Duncan and Doreen Paul – South Africa

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    • Denise and Brian (640x513)Well, in retelling the (fairy) tale the last few days, the highlights are starting to cement in together with some new friendships! How do you describe it all to people that were not there? I’ve found it difficult, but very willing to try. We reiterate our thanks to Mandy, Guts & Caro – you put a huge amount of work into making it a dream holiday for us – and it was, & we are truly grateful.

      Denise and Brian Sutherland – Pretoria South Africa

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    • IM_2014_057_0148Angie and Caro, thank you both hugely for the opportunity to take part in the ES Centenary Voyage. I could not have asked for a better group of pax, ship, crew and expedition team.Of course meeting you guys who put the whole thing together was a privilege and it’s wonderful to see you realising people’s lifelong dreams.

      Peter McCarthy – New Zealand

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    • The whole experience was awesome... from breathtaking walks on varying terrains and exhilarating encounters with Nature's amazing palette and deft sculptures to jaw dropping recounts from other adventurers privileged to have witnessed what I couldn't. Easily the best.

      Stan Pulgies – Australia

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    • Win a trip to AntarcticaEverybody who has responded after the trip has expressed AMAZING AMAZEMENT about the expedition holiday of a lifetime. Add our names to that list and our sincere thanks to Angie and Caro for their professional, enthusiastic and caring approach to the trip and its planning. You two are great!!!

      Henri & Brenda Lombard – Johannesburg, South Africa

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    • Ron Wild (640x424)A big ‘thank you!’ to my fellow Ice Trackers who each made a once-in-a-lifetime voyage so memorable. You all contributed to a first adventure holiday experience that will be impossible to match. Thanks for sharing it with me.

      Ron Wild – Ontario, Canada

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    • Sue PryorThe attention to detail, and all the little extras on the Shackleton Expedition made it so special and memorable. I can only imagine all the work involved, the Ice Tracks team certainly gets full marks. I don’t know if your trips in Antarctica always go to the Falklands and South Georgia, but for me they were just as beautiful and special as Antarctica itself. Keep on working with small groups, out of the way / beautiful places itineraries and your personal involvement and passion!

      Sue Pryor Moore – Australia

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    • IM_2014_066_0559I had always wanted to go to Antarctica & when added with the unique Shackleton Centenary Memorial expedition, it was the most AMAZING trip. Being on ship was like being in a big house party, meeting fellow passengers, so interesting, friendly & with great camaraderie sharing in an unforgettable life experience. I feel I have made many friends & I felt totally confident travelling on my own as Ice -Tracks look after you as family, so much so I'm now going North with them in July to the Arctic!

      Rosie Needham – UK

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