Signature Experiences

  • Greenland & Baffin Island
    Norwegian Fjords and SpitsbergenThis outstanding voyage explores the icy landscapes and colorful fishing villages of western Greenland before crossing the Davis Strait to witness the stunning fjords and soaring peaks of Baffin Island.
  • Botswana African Odyssey
    Botswana Delta Game Drive African Elephants Join us for an unforgettable 12 days exploring the vast, magical wilderness of Botswana – water-logged landscapes, dinners under a blanket of stars and an abundance of wildlife.
  • Bespoke Patagonia tours
    Patagonia views From the unfenced expanse of the Pampas in Argentina, to the world’s highest, driest desert in Chile; from rolling Andean vineyards, to the turquoise waters and snow-capped volcanoes of the Lake District and the stark silhouette of the Andes and windswept remoteness of Southern Patagonia, Argentina and Chile never cease to amaze those who venture to discover and experience its territory. Let us create a Patagonian itinerary especially for you.

Prices and Booking Incentives

For those of you Early Birds wishing to book your polar adventure in advance, Ice Tracks is offering the following special discounts.

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What people say about Ice Tracks

  • We cannot begin to thank you both enough for making our trip to Antarctica and Argentina so, so special. It exceeded even our expectations and it is an adventure we will remember for the rest of our lives.

    Tessa and LouTennant – Lymington, UK

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  • This was a fantastic expedition holiday which enabled me to explore the artic in a safe way in the company of like minded people. We saw an amazing variety of wild life, including polar bears.

    Anne Greenwood – UK

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  • I have been lucky enough to the Antarctic twice now. My first visit was the best trip I had ever undertaken anywhere, until, that is, my second visit last year. What an amazing experience! I can't fault Ice Tracks in any way, in the manner that they have given me the greatest experience of my life. I commend them to you, and you should pick up the phone and book the greatest adventure you could ever have.

    Mike Wain – Canterbury, UK

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  • If you are contemplating a voyage to Antarctica - don't hesitate. It's life-changing.

    Steven Briers – South Africa

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  • As you may imagine, there is little one can really say about Antarctica of which you are not fully aware. If it were in any way possible I for one would never go anywhere else on this planet.Thank you very much for your part in making that happen. We were cared for graciously by Ice Tracks and without their expert and very able assistance our trip might never have taken place. I warmly recommend Ice Tracks guidance to anyone wishing to go South. The whole experience we had was more akin to friendship than business, and we do hope that we may one day meet again on the high seas!

    Raymond & Ute – South Africa

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  • We set off on what we hoped would be one of life's great adventures. We succeeded - and the team at Ice Tracks played an integral part on the happiness of our trip.

    Greg Ellis – Australia

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  • I had some trepidation working with a company I Googled,  headquarterd in another country, with agents in a different country still. I needn't have worried.

    Kevin Whalley – USA

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  • We had such a FANTASTIC TRIP and we had a great time kayaking and zodiac cruising and hiking, also the best group of people we met, may we all have many more adventures together,will treasure the memories.Duncan and Doreen traveled with us on Spitsbergen Explorer.

    Duncan and Doreen Paul – South Africa

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  • Ice Tracks are an all-round excellent outfit - professional, passionate and personal. This Antarctic experience on this beautifully capable scientific vessel (or its sister ship) is the most authentic to be secured commercially in my experience of seven expeditions to the arctic regions.

    Shona Walton & Adrian Berry – England

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  • Caro, Lou De Marco and Tessa TennantWe thank you both for putting so much work into our trip to South America (Patagonia, Atacama and the Amazon) - we had the most incredible time and are already recommending it to our friends. We loved being so independent and stopping whenever we wanted for lots of scenery/coffee breaks and this has been the perfect way to do it. Atacama Desert was a superb experience, and would recommend the astronomique excursion - fascinating. And lastly the Amazon Cruise, lovely cabins and again exceptionally good guides - learnt a great deal and it was a brilliant experience.

    Lou and Tessa – Limington UK

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