Signature Expeditions

  • Shackleton Centenary 2016
    Shackleton Centenary 2015Ice Tracks lands its first South Georgia traverse ! A party of 15 adventurers, led by polar adventurer Seb Coulthard, will be crossing the South Georgia ice cap in Shackleton, Crean and Worsley’s footsteps. It’s an adventure to be shared and celebrated by all as we enjoy the Falklands, glorious South Georgia followed by the magic of the Antarctic peninsula.
    • Northwest Passage 2017
      Norwegian Fjords and Spitsbergen
      This iconic voyage explores the remote Northwest Passage and stunning fjords of the Baffin Island coastline before crossing Baffin Bay to Greenland where we will marvel at the beauty of the icebergs calving off of the Greenland icecap. As we follow in the footsteps of the early Arctic explorers such as Franklin and Amundsen we will sail South increasing our opportunities to see the Northern Lights.

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    What people say about Ice Tracks

    • dugdaleYes, it was a special never to be repeated expedition voyage in Shackleton's footsteps. Yes, we were privileged because many of the descendants of those adventurers were with us aboard ship and shared their knowledge and memories. Yes, the scenery is beyond belief beautiful even in the fog and snow. None of this would have happened without the efforts of so many people - Ice Tracks (Angie, Caro and Cris) of course, the Akademik Vavilov team, and Captain Beluga and his crew to all of whom many thanks for all their efforts. More than anything though it was the people we voyaged with in their wonderful and international variety that made it such a special journey. So a million thank-yous to everyone we were privileged to travel with and here's to 2015 and a reunion!

      Carolyn and Paul Dugdale – UK

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    • Tim and Jan Burr (640x364)We have reached the conclusion that there would not be a single thing to change or improve on if we did the same trip tomorrow. Overall, we think the enthusiasm of your support teams, both on board and ashore, made each day truly exciting and for that reason look forward to our next trip with you. As a keen photographer, I did not expect to see such a variety of wild life and landscapes and truly believe that I have taken some of my most important photographs to date which has made this trip very special indeed.

      Tim and Jan Burr – UK

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    • The whole experience was awesome... from breathtaking walks on varying terrains and exhilarating encounters with Nature's amazing palette and deft sculptures to jaw dropping recounts from other adventurers privileged to have witnessed what I couldn't. Easily the best.

      Stan Pulgies – Australia

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    • Mike Wain 2I have been lucky enough to the Antarctic twice now. My first visit was the best trip I had ever undertaken anywhere, until, that is, my second visit last year. What an amazing experience! I can't fault Ice Tracks in any way, in the manner that they have given me the greatest experience of my life. I commend them to you, and you should pick up the phone and book the greatest adventure you could ever have.

      Mike Wain – Canterbury, UK

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    • GordonsWe decided to take this expedition to celebrate our 70th birthdays and had one of our best travel experiences ever. We have traveled and backpacked together worldwide for 45 years, and going to Antarctica was like visiting a new world, for which we had little prior cultural or emotional preparation. The sheer beauty of the unspoiled landscape and the unique wildlife make Antarctica stand out from the many places we visited before. A vital element that made our trip so special is the care and dedication of the Ice Tracks people. We heard that they treat each of their customers as if they were their only clients. We thought that this was just sales hype, but it turned out to be really true. They put together an excellent itinerary based on our desire to visit the national parks in Argentina and Chile. Every hotel booked was perfect for us.In all, we encourage anyone with love for nature to visit Antarctica and to go there with Ice Tracks. They will not be disappointed!

      Robert and Evelyn Gordon – USA

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    • Hamad & AngieI had the honor to be on this trip. However, for me, the most distinctive  association was how wonderfully  Ice Tracks oversaw everything.

      Hamad Alkaabi – UK

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    • Tim&Jan Burr PeruOnce again on our 4th trip with Ice Tracks we have exceeded all of our expectations. Peru and Machu Picchu were amazing, Titilaka Lodge was a very special haven, Sacha Lodge and the Napo River an incredible experience in the jungle and the Galapagos Islands close up wildlife topped everything.

      Tim & Jan Burr – England

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    • Ann_Wills_640I had the most amazing time with Ice Tacks in July 2013 in the frozen wastes of Svalbard. Brilliantly organised trip full of beauty, education and fun – thank you Ice Tracks.

      Ann Willis – UK

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    • MaryI recommend my travelling friends to Ice Tracks all the time - totally confident that their trip will be as superb as the one I have enjoyed. Each time I have returned with Epic Memories and knowing that it was a privilege to be a part of such expeditions.

      Mary Wheildon – UK

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    • needhamI have had the privilege of the opportunity to travel with Ice-Tracks to The Antarctic and The Arctic within 9 months of each other. A dream come true.

      Rosie Needham – UK

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