Meet the Ice Tracks Team

Angie and Caro’s passion for the Antarctic and Arctic inspired them to start Ice Tracks Expeditions. We work with a team of enthusiastic, professional staff and a sea-faring crew who practically have ice in their veins! As founders of Ice Tracks Expeditions, Caro and Angie are immensely proud of their once fledgling company that continues to soar ever higher – buoyed by a passion and commitment to offer a unique experiences ‘to the ends of the world’.

Angie was born and brought up in Johannesburg, South Africa but moved to England many moons ago where she brought up a family of five  talented daughters with her husband James Butler, Royal Academician. Her love of journalism and passion for Polar history and travel, makes for the perfect combination to run the PR, communications and media side of the business from Ice Tracks UK Headquarters, based in Warwickshire.

She is the author of ‘Ice Tracks – Today’s Heroic Age of Polar Adventure’ (the book that inspired the name of our company) and ‘The Quest for Frank Wild’ (a biography of Shackleton’s right hand man). During her research she discovered Wild’s lost ashes and subsequently his remains were returned to Grytviken, South Georgia and buried alongside his dear friend and ‘boss’, Shackleton.

Angie also sits on the committee of Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute, and beside running a busy agenda for Ice Tracks she has a new Polar research subject: the controversial Eric Marshall diary and memoirs.

Caro Mantella

Caro MantellaCaro got a masters degree in Hospitality and Tourism before she abandoned the nest to explore the world. For the past 15 years Caro has sailed the Polar Regions and worked as an expedition guide in the most inaccessible places on earth, spending much of her time in the ice worlds of the Arctic and Antarctica. Her passion for adventure compelled her to travel, live and work in all 7 continents. Soon after co-founding Ice Tracks she moved to the heart of Patagonia to be amongst the glorious lakes and stunning mountains of San Martin de los  Andes. It is here, where for the past five years she has merged her love for travel, an outdoor and active lifestyle and her professional commitment to look after the Operations side of Ice and Wild Tracks Expeditions.

With more voyages to the Arctic and Antarctica than she (or anyone) can count, Caro’s vast knowledge and experience is only eclipsed by her inexhaustible energy and desire to share her passion for wild life and ice-scapes.

Cris was born and brought up in Buenos Aires where she found her first love: “languages”. Fluent in Spanish, English and French, it was only natural that she attained a degree in tourism.cris portrait

In the following years she threw herself into the outdoor world, venturing across the Andes on a horseback where she found her second love and future husband. Her constant quest for adventure has taken her to live and work in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. Last December Cris visited Antarctica for the first time in a trip that she describes as a ‘mind blowing experience’.

Now settled in San Martin de los Andes with her family, she works at Ice Tracks Patagonian office. Very quickly Cris has become an essential team member involved in every detail of the daily operations of Ice Tracks, making sure each of our clients are treated with great care and dedication.

As a child, Nati travelled and lived around the world with her family. This experience gave her a passion to travel at a very early age. At school, she shared her everyday life with other kids from many different cultures.

Once settled down in Argentina, she studied Environmental Engineering, as protecting the environment has always been high in her list of priorities. Her motivation to start working was to continue traveling around the world. Adventure has always run through her veins, practising all kinds of sports and enjoying nature.
She now lives in San Martin de los Andes with her husband, little child and pets. It is where she started studying photography and becoming keen on Graphic Design. She recently joined the Patagonian Ice Tracks team, taking care of all the visual communications and website.