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Crossing Continents with Sir Vivian Fuchs

by Angie Butler When asked, who would you invite to sit next to you at a dinner party? Surely Sir Vivian Fuchs would top the list! Sir Vivian’s Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1957 re-ignited an interest in both polar history and expeditions which had laid dormant since Shackleton’s Quest expedition of 1921. The first expedition […]


Baffin Island Voyage FoSPRI

Sharing Polar Bytes

A quick glimpse into the work of the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute through their winter newsletter: Polar Bytes


James Caird Hall, Dulwich College, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Endurance

Living with the James Caird

by Dr Joseph Spence Master of Dulwich College The word iconic is much overused.  But having James Caird at the heart of our new RIBA award winning building, The Laboratory, at Dulwich College, really does feel like living with an icon. James Caird is the lifeboat in which Sir Ernest Shackleton, our most famous old […]


Henry Worsley's ashes buried on Grytivken, South Georgia

Burying Henry at Grytviken – an unprecedented privilege

Polar historian Angie Butler describes how burying Henry Worsley’s ashes on Grytviken, South Georgia was an ‘unprecedented priviledge’


Namibia | Wild Tracks

Namibia – a land of antiquity, solitude and wilderness

Yes, Namibia is a vast country, even by African standards, covering an area approximately four times the size of the UK… And yes, the weather is sublime (especially from the vantage point of a wintery northern hemisphere)… And yes,  it is also an ‘ageless land’; with a heritage of rock art created by stone-age artists […]


Henry Worsely

Henry Worsley is laid to rest next to his childhood hero

Polar explorer, Henry Worsley’s ashes are interred next to those of his childhood hero, Sir Ernest Shackleton on Grytviken Island, South Georgia.


Polar Medal to a modern day hero

Today, 19th April Joanna Worsley received her late husband’s Polar Medal at Buckingham Palace. Henry’s children, Max and Alicia and Sally his mother were at the ceremony.  At the end of the ceremony the family had a private audience with Prince William.  Henry Worsley who lost his life crossing Antarctica in the footsteps of his hero Sir Ernest Shackleton, is recognized with the ‘Holy Grail’ of polar exploration  – the Polar medal.


Ice Tracks comes out in force at the RGS and on The Telegraph Travel section!

Following Henry Worsley Tribute at the Royal Geographic Society, on Saturday April 8th The Telegraph travel section featured Ice Tracks Expeditions’ Henry Worsley Commemorative Voyage as ONCE IN A LIFETIME… ! The voyage departing on the 30th November 2017 will be taking Henry’s ashes to South Georgia, to be buried near his hero Shackleton.


Final resting place of Lieut-Col Henry Worsley

Henry Worsley was the only person ever to have completed the two classic routes to the South Pole established by his Edwardian predecessors, Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton and had he completed the trans-Antarctic expedition solo and unsupported, he would have been the first man to do so. The former SAS officer dragged himself and his equipment more than 900 miles across the ice and not far from his goal he paid the ultimate price.


Spending your Anniversary in Antarctica with Ice Tracks

By Angie Butler There is no place on earth more spectacular to celebrate or mark a milestone than Antarctica.  Lorraine Kelly  is not the first and certainly will not be the last person  to do exactly that. In Lorraine’s case she was celebrating 25 years of marriage  by sailing via South Georgia to pay homage […]


Henry Worsley’s Final Voyage South

It was Angie Butler of Ice Tracks Expeditions who suggested to Joanna Worsley that South Georgia might be the perfect place for her husband’s ashes. Henry Worsley’s Final Voyage will take Worsley’s remains to his final resting place, where his hero Sir Ernest Shackleton is buried as well as Shackleton’s right hand man Frank Wild. Joanna […]


Antarctic weather gods finally smile

There are times when the weather gods just won’t play ball and it seemed that way on the most recent Shackleton Centenary voyage on the glorious Hebridean Sky ship! As we waited in Buenos Aires (OK that wasn’t a hardship) the vessel was caught up in a storm and we were delayed by a day’s sailing.  Still, we all made merry in a BA restaurant and got to know our fellow passengers that we were going to spend the next three weeks whilst sailing Antarctica.


Antarctic whale adventure 2018

Ice Tracks has developed a special new itinerary for the whale watching season in the South. It offers a unique opportunity to join an Antarctic expedition to study the larger baleen whales such as Fin and Blue which are often seen during the crossing of the Drake Passage, as well as the more coastal and friendly Humpback, Minke and Orca whales.


Making dreams come true in Antarctica

How fitting that our first client, Roger Clarke (71) flew to  Antarctica to spend five days camping with the Emperor penguins. His story has touched the heart of thousands. With money left by his beloved daughter who died of ovarian cancer he fulfilled her wish – that he should photograph the Emperor penguin. That he should do the travelling she was never able to do.


Antarctica’s largest marine park

The Ross Sea will become the world’s largest protected marine park. The agreement was signed on the 30th of October in Hobart by 24 countries and the European Union. Fishing including krill and whales will be banned in a designated protected zone of the size of France and Spain combined.


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