Greenland and the Northwest Passage

My favourite voyage in the Arctic, by Caro Mantella

I have been back home for a week now and working my way through hundreds (even thousands) of mails which were patiently waiting on my desk  … it almost feels like I have never got away from my computer since my arrival. Still, most often than not I find myself day-dreaming of healthy Polar Bears feeding on Beluga carcasses on a forgotten bay through a fable passage far far away. I still feel the cold on my chicks from the iceberg cruise in Jacoshaven Icefjord near Ilullisat. I still feel small (almost insignificant) against those white giants. I still feel the vibrant colors of Greenlandic towns and ponder about the way the Inuit are truly connected to their land in a way that is almost impossible for us.

I also miss, quite a lot actually, our daily routine of meeting everyone as we all gathered in the restaurant for each meal. I must admit I also miss our dear Expedition Leader sweet tones in the morning and I much prefer those wake up calls than my alarm clock!

In one way or the other I miss the Vavilov, the wonderful Arctic and my intrepid Ice Trackers that followed me to one of my favorite ends of the world, Greenland and the Northwest Passage. So here is a nice memory of our 2 weeks together exploring one of the most magical places on earth.

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